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Throughout the years, our team has empowered several founders to turn their ideas and dreams into reality. Likewise, we have assisted many blue chip companies worldwide to meet their goals with excellence and reliability.

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We Provide Software Solutions For Business Transformation


Enterprise Development

We provide you with enterprise Full Stack development services including frontend, backend, integration/open API and all that it takes for a complete development setup.


Process Automation

As the world has turned digital, business now rely on software robots to do the repetitive work, increasing productivity and quality of delivered products and services.


Machine Learning

Our vast experience helps businesses like yours build machine learning algorithms to automate decisions and discover value from your data, via our dedicated machine learning expert.


Mobile Development

Our mobile app developers have over a decade expertise in building solutions that meet market needs, empowering brand identity, business growth and expansion.

Strategic Consulting

We combine deep industry knowledge, experience, analysis, creativity and insight into crafting solid strategies that deliver results.

We take the time to understand you, your business, your competition, the market where your products and services are positioned and what your wants and needs are, then we apply our expertise and translate this into an effective strategy that will drive your business and its results in a valuable direction.



With the emergence of very complex distributed systems, complexity of a single system has moved to the complexity of the architecture of the group of systems.

Throughout the years, we've worked with multiple organisations and in different industries. We combine our decade-long experience to guide you through the best options and design patterns for your solution.


We don't want to brag, but...

As a dynamic and independent agency, we're exposed to different industries and challenges. Over the past decade, we have earned several awards locally and worldwide; but most importantly, we have found a few things to be proud of.

AI Solutions

Implementation of AI models to automate decision processes.

RPA Services

Transformation and efficiency through process automation.


Assistance in solution design and implementation.

DevOps Services

Deployment of autonomous processes for DevOps tasks.


Designing scalable architecture for robust enterprise systems.

Mobile Apps

Creating digital user-centric experiences for mobile devices.

Enterprise Software

Implementation of system standards and processes.


Future-proofing existing systems with scalable design.


The Story of Work

This is the story of work. It started a long time ago, on a Monday... As people got better at work, they built tools to work more efficiently, they even built computers to work smarter, but still they couldn't do enough work! The more work they did, the more work they created, and not the good kind. One day a very smart person figured out how to put the fun back in to work, this is their story...

We Can Assist You

As the world has turned digital, technological business solutions continue evolving and opening unlimited opportunities for business. With robotic process automation (RPA), companies now rely on software robots to do the mundane work, increasing productivity and quality of delivered products and services.

One robot can save countless hours of repetitive tasks, resulting in overall employee happiness. With RPA at its core, a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, process analytics and other technologies, hyperautomation makes a fully automated enterprise possible.

Decade-Long Experience

Our reputation in South Africa and worldwide has endured the test of time.

Enduring Partnerships

Our enduring partnership represents how involved and engaged we are with our craft.

Skilled Capable Team

The awesome Hashtag family is built upon trust, knowledge and execution.

Our mission is to make use of our experience to provide reliable and future-proof business solutions to serve and empower companies of all sizes to thrive and become a reference within their industry.

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